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Rwanda Performance Based Financing Database

Created on 10 November 2006 Published Date
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The Rwanda Performance Based Financing Database (PBF BDD) has been developed by the Rwanda HIV Performance Based Financing (PBF) Project with financing from USAID for use at the national level to track the results of performance indicators throughout Rwanda.

The Kigali-based MSH team, has set the groundwork for the system by working with the Ministry of Health (CAAC), USAID, the Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC) and other partners to establish a consensus about a limited set of output and quality of care indicators, developing templates for each of the reporting and analysis formats, and defining the procedures for establishing contracts with each of the health facilities participating in the program.

Given the volume of data – and recently established guidelines from USAID that individual contracts need to be established yearly with each health facility (not simply with each health district) – it became clear that a database would be required to manage the program effectively.  Rather than developing software from scratch, MSH has decided to adapt a database developed for a similar USAID-funded project in the Philippines (LEAD for Health).

 The database has a number of modules:

  • Home page portal (developed using open source Joomla! content management system)
  • PBF Indicator reporting module (an internet application developed using php and MySQL database)
  • Contracting module (MS Access and MySQL)
  • Database Administration module (MS Access and MySQL)


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